Who I Am

Mili Shah (she/her)

An Indian immigrant. 

A fourth year undergraduate student at the Western University, pursuing an Honours Specialization in Interdisciplinary Medical Sciences.

A passionate advocate for health equality.


My Passions

Health Equality

One of the most interesting aspects about the Interdisciplinary Medical Sciences program is having the ability to discover different fields of science, and learning how to integrate skills from these areas towards something that you are passionate about. 

For me, one of my biggest passions is health advocacy. Growing up as an Indian immigrant, I was part of two communities, where I saw health inequities in both. As a result, throughout my high school and undergraduate studies, I began to pursue extracurriculars where I could learn more about my health inequities and how I can contribute to positively impacting my community’s health. For instance, volunteering at my local hospital and the Pathways Health Centre for Children taught me about the inadequacies in health services faced by my community, and how factors such as language barriers affect the level of care received by many in my community. As I entered by undergraduate studies, opportunities such as being a Residence Soph and an Academic Stress Center volunteer taught me about factors that affect student physical and mental health, and has helped me contribute to eliminating those factors. 

Through these experiences, I gained a passion for health advocacy, and through Medical Science 4300A, I was able to experience a new branch of health advocacy while applying the skills I have learned throughout my undergraduate studies with the Gender Equality Coalition of Ontario.